Why is Travel Good for Your Health?

People travel to see the world, try new things, and just experience what it’s like to be anywhere else. But did you know that traveling actually makes you healthier?

Contrary to what you might think, travel-health is not limited to your emotional state of mind. There are real data backed up by real research verifying this information. Here’s how even just a week long vacation every year can help:

Cognitive Health

Exposure to new experiences and navigating through a new city apparently improves the cognitive health of an individual. Specifically, it helps the brain develop nerve cells which in turn makes it easier for the mind to process information. To prove this, the University College London conducted studies involving taxi drivers within the city. As it turns out – even if they are just navigating through the different routes, their brains managed to expand so that they’d find it easier to navigate through the city streets.


Cardiovascular Health

Believe it or not, travelling can lower your risks of suffering from heart problems. A study shows that middle aged men who take at least one vacation every year are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases. In fact, they are 30% safer than peers who do not take vacations at all. The reasoning for this may be simple: vacations let people relax and just forget all their worries back home. With this kind of time-out from anxiety, the cardiovascular system gets a much needed rest that helps it with recovery.


Women who take vacations are also less likely to suffer from depression, according to a study with a sample size of no less than 15,000 women. Again, the reasoning for this falls in the same line as cardiovascular health: travel lets you relax, boost levels of endorphins in the body and essentially gives you that happy buzz. Even better, whenever you are feeling down, then memories of the vacation can easily perk you back up again.


Of course, let us not forget that for the most part, vacations are all about walking and exploring different sites in different cities. You will find yourself going to multiple locations using only your feet, providing sufficient daily exercise that aids weight loss, metabolism, and overall physical health. And that’s just the walking part – participating in all kinds of activities during travel, such as skiing or skydiving, can offer unbelievable benefit to your physical well-being.

Better Sex Life

Sex has been linked with numerous health benefits such as better mood, fitter body, and even lowers chances of heart problems – possibly due to all that exercise. A recent survey shows that couples who travel together typically have better sex lives and experience a stronger bond with their partners.

Of course, don’t forget the fact that travel comes with a few risks to your health. When going to far-flung places like China or India, it’s best to get all your shots first – you don’t want to bring home any nasty souvenirs. With great planning, travel not only makes you physically healthy but also happier and wiser in the ways of the world.