Low Calorie Breakfast For Good health

Low calorie breakfast is a wholesome meal that we can have first thing in the morning, filling us up but with the least number of calories resent in it. In the 21st century health is the new wealth and for achieving it, necessity is there to watch out for the total calorific intake in a day. Now there is a very fine line separating dieting from starving and it should not be crossed. So a low calorie breakfast should be such that it should fill you up with the least possible amount of calorie intake.continue reading!

Hence care has to be taken so that the breakfast has less than 300 calories but it should serve as a fulsome meal. If you starve in order to cut out the calories that will take a toll on your body in the long run. The criteria for a sustainable and feasible low calorie breakfast are as follows- it should contain the least possible amount of calories in it, it should not lead you to starving, it should also contain the necessary minerals and vitamins, it should not take a lot of time to be prepared. If all these are covered then only we can say that the breakfast is a balanced low calorie breakfast.

Breakfast is the first meal of the day. We break our night long fast by taking food in the morning, hence the name break-fast. Now it is the most important meal of the day because our energy requirement is at the highest at the start of the day. If we skip the breakfast, then we shall end up feeling energy-less as the day goes on and will indulge in binge eating at the time of lunch. Thus our work and the weight-loss and diet plan shall go out of the window.learn more from http://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2015/02/26/health-philadelphia-students-compete-to-create-winning-recipe-for-the-best-healthy-breakfast/

Thus it becomes very essential on our part to have a whole some nutritious breakfast that will supply the least number of calories. If we manage to keep our appointment with our low calorie breakfast we shall feel energetic throughout the day without starving or binge eating. Hence we can see that a balanced low calorie breakfast is the first prerequisite for any healthy and effective weight loss plan.

Now there are number of recipes that provide us with a tasty and balanced low calorie breakfast. There are also dishes that can easily prepare with easily available in ingredients. The first recipe will be scrambled egg burrito needing eggs, low-fat milk and cheese, tomatoes, chunky salsa and cilantro. It takes only 15 minutes to prepare and gives only 259 calories per serving.

The second recipe shall be corn flake crunch with French toast needing eggs, cornflakes, low-fat milk, whole wheat bread, maple syrup and fresh fruits. It gives only 149 calories per piece. The third recipe to be discussed is banana corn muffins needing banana, low fat milk corn muffin mix, and cooking spray. This one is for vegetarians giving 199 calories. Fourth in the list is oatmeal with apples, hazelnuts and flax seed, brown sugar, slivered almonds and vanilla extracts.

It is excellent for fruit lovers and packs 258 calories. Last but not least is yogurt with fruits and nuts with blueberries, grapes and almonds packing 300 calories? These handpicked recipes are guaranteed to give you a tasty, fulfilling and low calorie breakfast. For the sake of improvisation these offer great scope.

But there are certain ingredients that should be completely avoided while planning or preparing a low calorie breakfast. First and fore-most is excessive use of edible oil or butter must be avoided. Cause they drastically increment the calorific fat content of the dishes. Second thing to be avoided is excessive seasoning of the dishes with spices seasoning ingredients.

This will also help in maintaining the nutritional value of the dishes along with maintaining a very low calorific content in the dishes. We should also avoid white sugar and use brown sugar in moderate amounts only. Cause, sugar also contains lot of calories. We must not overcook the dishes.

Breakfast For Good health

Hence we can see that it is not very tough to prepare and eat a balanced low calorie breakfast. So it is quite imperative on our part to at least induce one healthy meal in to ours it provides. No matter how busy your schedule is but skipping the breakfast can never be an option, as it will throw the total diet and weight loss plan out of gear. There is no need to mention large number of benefits it provides as mentioned previously. Thus we can perfectly conclude that a low calorie balanced breakfast is quintessential for a healthy and fit life-style.