Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Nui massage

The Lomi Lomi Nui is a traditional Hawaiian relaxation and regeneration massage. It’s an old practice of indigenous Hawaiians, which is believed to have been brought to Hawaii by the Polynesian settlers. Some people believe that it has been carried over from ancient Hawaii and the mystical land of Mu. There are various styles of Lomi Lomi massage, which are unique to their family of origin and geographical location. In the Hawaiian tradition, the massage took usually between a few hours up to a few days and has been overseen by Kahuna – local priests or healers.

Lomi Lomi Nui

The ritual of Lomi Lomi was used as a spiritual cleansing process and was believed to harmonise all of the inner body processes. It was usually performed during very important life moments or breakthroughs, as a help, before making important decisions. Another goal of Lomi Lomi was to satisfy the need of physical contact with another human being, full of acceptation, support and kindness – hence, the massage is sometimes called the massage of the loving and caring hands.

The technique of the Lomi Lomi Nui massage

Before the physical part of Lomi Lomi massage begins, the person performing it (usually a professional massage therapist) talks to the patient about his afflictions, past diseases and disorders, injuries and other physical problems – after gathering the information, an adequate technique of massage is chosen. The Lomi Lomi is performed on the traditional massage table, with the use of massage oils to help make smoother and more precise moves. The movements are usually in harmony with the music accompanying the process.

The first phase of the massage is performed with the patient laying on his stomach. The back, shoulders, legs and buttocks are massaged. After that, the patient turns on his back and his shoulders, chest, legs and stomach are massaged (usually in this order). Lomi Lomi is a massage of the whole body, and the patient should remain naked throughout the whole process (with an exception of the pubic area, which is usually covered with a towel). The whole massage takes on average 90 to 120 minutes (depending on the therapist). It can be performed by one or two people simultaneously.

What are the characteristics of the Lomi Lomi massage:

  1. It’s easily adjustable to the individual patient’s need as it’s a very flexible process
  2. It’s really intensive and covers the whole body but it’s not painful
  3. It relieves long-term stress and tension, helping the body relax
  4. It positively affects the blood and lymph circulation
  5. It increases joint’s mobility and elasticity6. It increases one’s metabolism as it stimulates digestive system7. It can help reduce fat tissue and lose weight8. It helps to improve the mood

When you should try Lomi Lomi

  • Long-term periods of high level of stress, tension and anxiety
  • Overwork
  • Depression
  • Headaches, backaches
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Weakened immune system

There are not many situations in which Lomi Lomi massage should not be performed except for the general ones, applicable for almost any type of massages such as skin inflammation, fever, menstruation or varicose veins. Apart from those few contraindications mentioned, it’s a highly recommended massage, that’s perfect for all people that would like to release the tension and regenerate their whole body in one session of intensive and yet relaxing massage session.