5 Top Kitchen Remedies for Every Day Body Care

Not a day goes by when we don’t read about the harmful and long lasting effects of various chemicals that are used in modern cosmetics. It is mortifying to read the conclusions of various scientific research in newspapers as they detail how carcinogenic ingredients, such as coal tar, lead, mercury etc, are recklessly added to these products. In other words, while these cosmetics may help you look good for the time being, they extract a heavy toll on your long term well being.

On the other, it is also true that most organic substitutes for cosmetic products are so steeply priced that a lot of us have to think twice before purchasing them. While the organic substitutes are certainly safer and a superior option, many people find them unaffordable to use on a day to day option.

Is there a way out, then, for those of us who want a safer and cheaper option to take care of our bodies? The answer is an emphatic yes. In fact, you don’t even have to look outside your own kitchen for wholly natural and organic solutions for your everyday body care needs. using these everyday items from your kitchen means great body care in a frugal manner with absolutely no risk of toxins and chemicals compromising your long term well being.

Let us take a look at some of the ingredients that you can use as a organic and cheap substitute for cosmetics.

1) Extra virgin : The versatility of this essential kitchen oil is unmatched when it comes to body care. For people with dry skin, who are looking for a pure organic substitute to mainstream brands, olive oil is an excellent option. Remember, that you need no more than just a few drops to get rid of dry spots around your elbows, knees, feet, and even your face.
Similarly, olive oil can be used to make an organic body scrub. Mix together equal parts of extra virgin olive oil, brown sugar and add 1/8th of unprocessed honey. If you want to use scent then add vanilla extracts, lavender essence, or lemon juice to the mixture. You can simply store this scrub lotion in a jar and there is no need to refrigerate it.


2) Apple cider vinegar: Dandruff are a persistent problem for a lot of people who spend a substantial sum on buying shampoos and other remedies with harmful chemicals in them. Instead, they can easily turn to yet another common kitchen item, the apple cider vinegar, to get rid of the problem without exposing your scalp and hair to chemicals. Apple cider vinegar should be applied directly to your scalp, both wet and dry, and left for 5 minutes. Subsequently wash your hair properly with water to get rid of the smell.

apple vinegar

3) Honey: Honey works as a highly effective facial moisturizer and offers relief from razor burns. Consistent use of just a few drops of honey on your face boosts the ability of your skin to retain moisture and provides a radiant glow. Using a few drops of honey on razor burn areas can offer immediate relief as well.


4) Tea bags: Puffy bags beneath the eyes are a common problem for people who do not get adequate rest. You can naturally get rid of the same by brewing a couple of tea bags and chilling it in the fridge. Apply the bags on the affected area so that caffeine can ameliorate the expanded blood vessels and reduce the swelling.


5) Onion and Garlic: For people struggling with hair loss and thinning of hair strands, onions and garlic are an amazingly effective and cheap solution. Cut up or crush garlic and onions and store it in a jar with water overnight. Use this tonic on your hair and scalp, and use dryer for 5-10 minutes. You can then wash it off with simple water or shampoo if the odor is too strong.