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5 Tips For Naturally Great And Healthy Hair

Hair is an important aspect of your appearance, and it demands a certain amount of attention that we often ignore. Whether you lose your gorgeous hair to breakage every day, or can’t grow them back as fast as you once could, these incredible tips for great hair are what you need.

1. Reach Out For Proteins And Vitamins

Hair growth is significantly dependant on your protein consumption that form the building block of your hair. Sources of proteins such as eggs, fish, meat and soy are packed with the right amount of iron and fats to promote healthy hair growth.

Vitamin C and Vitamin B play a vital role in your natural hair growth as they help in absorption of iron and help producing collagen, which makes hair healthier and stronger. Eat all the good foods such as oranges, broccoli, and spinach to get your dose of Vitamin C every day.

2. Don’t Just Shampoo Your Hair, Co-wash Them

For most men and women, shampoo might do that trick, but for people who naturally have weaker hair or suffer from hair breakage, co-wash is a must. Use a cleansing conditioner or a moisturizing conditioner in between shampooing your hair.

The conditioning in between the shampoo sessions will not only make your hair stronger, but also increase its volume. By doing the co-wash regularly, you can have denser and softer hair in no time.

3. Embrace Protective Styling Techniques

We love styling our hair all the time, and this can leave your gorgeous hair damaged and weakened. Avoid using excessive styling gel and blow-drying your hair so that there is enough moisture in your hair to keep them nourished.

In the winter season, try a protective approach and either cover your hair or style them in a way that the moisture stays locked inside your hair. Women can try out braids, buns, twists and weaves to keep the moisture locked inside and still look gorgeous outside.

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4. Be Gentle With Your Hair

Whether you are constantly dyeing your hair with harmful chemicals, or brushing them too hard when you get out of the shower, you need to stop doing it. Even naturally strong hair can become susceptible to breakage if you don’t treat them right.

Avoiding brushing your hair with a comb when your hair is wet, use your finger to gently detangle them instead. This will put less strain on your scalp, keeping your hair strong from the roots.

5. Look After You Scalp

Taking care of the root of your hair is extremely important, since most of the breakage and dryness problems arise from the scalp. A dry scalp can lead to dandruff, which can wreak havoc on your hair.

Apply special scalp conditioner if you have a natural dry scalp and let it set for 15 minutes before you shower. This will give the scalp the moisture it needs to stay strong and keep the pores clean and hold the hair roots firm.

As we get older, our hair naturally becomes weaker and less adaptable as it once was. With these tips to have natural great and healthy hair, feel great about your hair all the time.